Migrating to ANTLR 3

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been working on migrating to ANTLR 3 (to get rid of the dependency to the nasty ANTLR 2.x jar which we are not allowed to store in the CVS). Although ANTLR 3 was made available quite sometime ago, it didn’t provide any grammar reuse/inheritance mechanisms (which is essential for Epsilon since all its languages reuse the grammar of the core EOL language, and the merging language (EML) also reuses the grammar of the transformation language (ETL)).

Fortunately, an early version of ANTLR 3.1 which was released a month ago added support for grammar reuse and it is now possible to do the migration. Rewriting the grammars for v3.1 has not been as smooth as we expected, however, we will have (hopefully) fully migrated to ANTLR 3.1 by early July.

[Update 23/6/2008] The migration process is now finished. This includes all the languages of the platform as well as the HUTN implementation.

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