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Epsilon Flock

We’ve just released Epsilon v0.8.9, which includes many improvements and bug fixes, as well as a new task-specific language, Epsilon Flock.¬†Epsilon Flock is a model-to-model transformation language tailored for migrating models following changes to their metamodels. In some cases, specifying … Continue reading

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Managing Inconsistent Models with HUTN

A model and metamodel are consistent when the metamodel specifies every concept used in the model definition. A metamodel can evolve (be adapted by a developer), which can cause inconsistency. We’ve recently added a tool to Epsilon, the HUTN / … Continue reading

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Test-Driven Development for Epsilon

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is an approach to software development that advocates writing tests before implementation. TDD has many advantages when compared to other forms of development, in which tests are often an after-thought. Proponents argue that TDD produces clean interfaces, … Continue reading

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New in HUTN 0.7.1

Last week we released v0.7.1 of our Human-Usable Textual Notation implementation. It’s available as part of Epsilon 0.8.1. In this release, we’ve aligned our implementation more closely to the OMG specification, and added some new features. Here’s a summary of … Continue reading

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Using HUTN for T2M transformation

Recently, we have been investigating the appropriateness of using the Human-Usable Textual Notation (HUTN) as a means for providing a generic concrete syntax for instances of Ecore metamodels… Continue reading

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